Fees for Surgery

The fees for this practice are structured in such a way as to maintain the highest possible standards of care. Over the last 20 years, the GAPS (the out of pocket expenses after Medicare rebates have been claimed ) had increased because of the failure of the Medicare and Health Fund rebates to keep up with inflation and the successively rising costs of expenses in running a practice.

Between 2004 and 2009, the Medicare Safety-Net arrangement for all out of hospital services, brought in by the Government of the time, reduced these GAPS significantly. However, since 2014, the Medicare rebates have not increased and further increases have been witheld until 2019. However, some tax relief is also available for this as explained in the General Information below.

All Fees for this Practice are Derived as follows:

* indicates out of hospital service (Covered by the Medicare Safety-Net) .

Dr. Papapetros - Gynaecological Surgeon Fees are based on the Australian Medical Association (AMA) of Fees. Please Note: As other doctors may also be involved in your management, listed below are the likely additional services for which there may be extra costs involved. Any services provided by these other Doctors are in no way determined by this practice and should also be considered in your budgeting. All Doctors involved are independent private practitioners and therefore generate their own individual accounts. The new Medicare Safety-Net arrangements will not affect their services as they will be subject to their prior arrangements with Medicare.

  • Other Fees to Consider
  • * Pathology tests
  • * Referred Ultrasound
  • * X-Rays and CT Scans
  • Anaesthetist for surgical procedures
  • Assistant Surgeon (where necessary)
  • The Hospital Accommodation & Services (Usually covered in full by the Health Fund depending on level of cover)

  • General Information on Fees

  • The fees for this practice are adjusted on the first of November each year as are the Medicare & Health Fund refunds obtainable after payment of Dr Papapetros's fees. The MBS website contains the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), which is an item number listing of the Medicare services and refund entitlements (Benefits as defined in the MBS Schedule). After Dr Papapetros's operation, an account is rendered by the practice and sent to the patient's given address. When payment of the account is received by the practice, a receipt is posted out to the patient in order for them to obtain their refund entitlement from Medicare & their Health Fund. For whatever reason, sometimes, the correct amounts are not refunded and it is important that the correct amounts are received. Therefore, as a service to his patients, the anticipated refund entitlements from Medicare and the Health Fund are calculated and included with the account sent to the patient so that they know what to expect back from Medicare and the Health Fund.

    Please Note: If requested, anticipated refund entitlements may be provided before operation although it should be understood that it will depend sometimes on findings at operation and what is done. This MBS website link is provided for his patients to check their own entitlements themselves. In this way, his patients are encouraged to discuss any errors or omissions in the calculations provided to them.

  • At the Medicare Claims History online service
    you can
  •   Register Online
  •   View your Medicare Safety Net balance or Medicare tax statement
  •   Update your personal details/banking details/email address
  •   Request a replacement or duplicate Medicare card

  • A Tax Rebate of up to 20% is also available for all net eligible Medical expenses if they are in excess of $2,120.00 for the Tax Year ending 30th June 2013. However it will depend on your family status and your Adjustible Taxable Income (ATI) Therefore, it is important to keep all receipts not re-imbursed by Medicare or your Health Fund for both in-hospital and out of hospital services. More information is available from the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) website and you should also seek the advice of your Accountant at the end of the financial year.

  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to discuss these with either the practice Receptionist or Dr. Papapetros.
  • Credit Card facilities for Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, are available for payment of accounts in person or by telephone. There will be NO extra charges when paying your accounts by Credit Card

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