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With this website, Dr Papapetros aims to help his patients understand the various health issues related to their pregnancy and their general health by providing access to various resources.

In addition to this, many patients are not aware of their financial entitlements under Medicare and Health Fund arrangements and one of the aims of this website is to make his patients aware of their entitlements after their fees are paid. (See under Practice Information).

The topics and links within this website will be regularly updated as new ones become available. It is hoped that this website will become a useful resource for his patients.

Practice Details


Please Phone:

(02) 9662 8624 or Fax: (02) 8072 1348


339 Homer Street
(Douglass Hanly Moir
Pathology premises)

All consultations are by appointment only. Unless your appointment time is one of the first in the consulting session, please phone before you attend to check if Dr.Papapetros is on schedule with his appointments. He tries to keep to his appointment times so as not to inconvenience you. Where possible, however, if there is an anticipated delay, for some unexpected reason, such as an emergency hospital call, his Receptionist will try to inform you by telephone at the telephone numbers that are on your file. For this reason we require you to provide us with all your contact numbers including mobile numbers. If there are any changes in these numbers, please let his Receptionist know.

Patients can be reassured that all consultations and the notes documented in their files, will be treated with the strictess of confidence and no information will be disclosed to anybody, even to immediate relatives, without the patient's verbal or written permission. Only one exception applies and that is under statutory conditions of the law, where a court of law is able to subpoena the doctor's files.

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